16 May 2007

You can brave till dawn

For all you Puget Sound-area fans of groups like The Misfits and Rev. Horton Heat, there's a special group coming to Seattle this Saturday, May 19th. The Wastelanders, hailing from Bellingham, Wash., will be playing at the Sunset Tavern with IceAge Cobra, At the Spine, and The Whore Moans (hah, get it?). They're first up, at 9:00pm.

Copping to friend-rock disclaimers, the group's sound has a heavy, fast-paced take on southern garage rock. The bassist and lead singer, Ryan Roullard was my RA in college, and guitarist Loren Huggins, also of Chuckanut Drive, was a staple at the 3B Tavern for shows to be performed and enjoyed. It's great to see they're still making fab music.

Band sez: "We'll be there around sevenish, though, to hang out and say "hi." Come out and say "Hi," and get a copy of our new album while you're at it! Thanks!"

The Wastelanders - Better Men Than I.mp3
The Wastelanders - Left Hand Slap.mp3

You can buy their new album, Blackhearted American Water, at the shows or by dropping them an email.

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