07 May 2007

The Felice Brothers

It's one thing to say a song's lyrics contain novelistic detail, but it's quite another to say a song's been penned by a novelist. Such a distinction belongs to The Felice Brothers' drummer Simone Felice. Like his gorgeous, stream-of-consciousness novels, the band's songs are equally pensive, filled with the destitute, downtrodden folks of a dusty, disillusioned American landscape. But don't let their Brooklyn address fool you, this is rustic Americana at its most pure and heartfelt. In regards to Simone's novel "Goodbye, Amelia", the esteemed BBC has said "no one is doing what Felice is doing" and that lyrical uniqueness of his prose most certainly carries through to the music. Also, they tour in 1987 special education school bus. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Also full disclosure: The Felice Brothers are sort of the house band for the literary magazine I help edit. On more than one occasion they've read poetry and excerpts from novels, and of course performed on campus for various events the magazine sponsors. And they are the nicest guys -the kind of people you can just sit around barefoot on the carpet and eat falafel with and confide your life story with. And they are genuinely talented. That's part of the reason I got so excited upon hearing about their recent signing to Loose Records. There Loose debut, "Tonight at the Arizona" will be released May 14th. Preview these two tracks:

Your Belly in My Arms
- The Felice Brothers
Mercy - The Felice Brother
when devils fall in love...

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