04 May 2007

Don't Give Up on Your Dreams, Nobody!

I'm From Barcelona

Finally, finally, finally, after nearly a year of filling your earbuds with delectably Swedish, twee-pop goodness, I'm From Barcelona are finally touring the states. Well, maybe touring is an overstatement -but the band has scheduled two US summer appearances -one at Lollapolooza and another at Brooklyn's McCarren Park Pool slated for August 5th. Wow, I guess it takes an abandoned, Great Depression era, Olympic-sized swimming pool to contain the 29 member collective.

For those of you unfamiliar with the band's debut album "Let Me Introduce My Friends", you've been missing out on pure candy-coated sonic sunshine. Think an emasculated Stuart Murdoch (if that's even possible) multiplied by 29. Sure the lyrics don't stray very far from kindergarten territory (treehouses, stamp collections and chicken pox are the album's prime subject matter), however, like all good twee-pop, there is a melancholic naivete that belies the music's surface. Handclaps and teardrops abound.

I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona
I'm From Barcelona - The Painter

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LPC said...

That's the best post's title I've read for a long time.... You rule.