01 May 2007

You're nasty, please leave me alone...

Lily Allen: Alright, Still...

Lily Allen's been rocking 'tween "reggrime" in the UK since last summer but we Yanks had to wait until January to get our grubby paws on her. Her debut album, Alright, Still... has been hailed as a relief from the hyper-saccharine girl pop drowning any sensibility out of the top 40 on either side of the pond. It's not unfair to make a comparison to the snarky sensibilities of Nellie McKay, down to the in-your-face insistence to Get Away From Me.

A light, summery album boasting fresh, reggae-infused dancey hits is prime for club remixing or just singing aloud to in the car, windows rolled down. The potty-mouth lyrics and comic-book-esque album art remind you not to take this BS too hard: it's just music after all. With deeper fare than pop princess produce but not as inaccessible as Lady Sovereign, this comedian's daughter pokes light at lame pick-up attempts, getting revenge at lame boyfriends and the facade people put on.

This track showcases Allen's satiny voice both singing and matter-of-factly stating (in thick Cockney! iieee!) a litany of excuses to escape unwanted attention. With sprinkly piano and an almost ska beat, by the end you'll be laughing along with her about the ridiculousness of the situation on both ends.

Lily Allen - Knock 'Em Out.mp3
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