18 May 2007

Crash! Observe the front wheel spinning upside down

If you'll excuse my attempt at karmatically righting things in the world, to say nothing of trying to make myself feel better, here are some songs for the people who got stuck in traffic from the accident I got in yesterday (er, I was the one on the moped).

One of the Johns of They Might Be Giants fame describes his own bike accident. Mild injuries as never as bad as a blow to the ego.
John Linnell - South Carolina.mp3 (Buy State Songs)

Let's take advice from those who know. I'm sure you don't want your rates to rise any more than mine, so...
Crash Test Dummies - Keep a Lid on Things.mp3 (Buy Give Yourself A Hand)

Finally, I own up to my own neglected brake maintenance. These songs have less to do with car accidents than lost loves perhaps, but let's consider for a moment that I really, really love my bike. That counts for something, right?
Nirvana - All Apologies.mp3 ( Buy MTV Unplugged in NY)
Jude - I'm Sorry Now.mp3 (Buy No One's Really Beautiful)

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