30 May 2007

Eternal Life pt. 2

"Jeff Buckley, Gregorian Punk," Stephen Alcorn

...As promised, enough Jeff Buckley rarities, live cuts, covers, tributes and so on to last you until your tears finally run dry.

Re-Uploaded! Entire Arlene Grocery show From February 9, 1997 in NYC.
(Warning: 1:13:32 long, 67.4MB)
Here's the tracklist:
  1. Intro
  2. Nightmares by the Sea
  3. Witches' Rave
  4. So Real
  5. Haven't You Heard
  6. Lover, You Should Have Come Over
  7. Morning Theft
  8. Vancouver
  9. Snail
  10. The Sky Is a Landfill
  11. Chocolate/Mojo Pin
  12. Grace
  13. Last Goodbye
What's great in this complete show is the between-song commentary and banter with the audience. Jeff talk about quitting smoking with the patch (and it failing), he spoofs on Tom Waits in a very "Piano Has Been Drinking" sort of way, and has laughs at his own expense.
The above tracks are non-album bootlegs and thusly aren't available to buy anywhere. And as much as I'd like to stick it to Mary Guibert, I'm providing some purchase links. These are albums you need to have:
, the 1994 masterwork that put Jeff on the map. A "Top 10/desert island" album for just about everyone. SHAME ON YOU IF YOU DO NOT OWN THIS.
Mystery White Boy, the album collection of some of Jeff's greatest live performances from 1995-1996.
Live at Sin-é (Legacy Edition) Jeff at his best. Before Grace, his live solo acoustic performances from a tiny café in New York.

Various covers:
Rufus Wainwright did a heartbreaking tribute to Jeff on his Want Two album. All too appropriate for today:
Rufus Wainwright - Memphis Skyline


Caitabee said...

Oh my. Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou. These have made my day. YOU'VE made my day!
I love you sooooooo much! ^_^

Anonymous said...

What program does the Arlene's Grocery show open with, 'cause I can't seem to get it to play. Mrr. Thankie for the tracks!

June said...

"Arlene Grocery" is just a straight-up MP3, so it should open with any program that can play those files. I use it on iTunes. All else failing, I can re-upload the link for you.

Chels said...

Hi there. Could you please re-up the link to "Arlene Grocery" if it's not too much trouble? It's not playing for me.

June said...

Chels... I re-uploaded the AG show with a new link. Happy listening!

Anonymous said...

The Arlene Grocery gig still doesn't seem to be working - at least not for me. *blushes*
It comes up just as a random file, not as an MP3. Am I really stupid and is that how it's supposed to be, or is there something wrong with it?

Sorry to be a nag.