24 May 2007

Where U At

O wonders of technology, Volume Knob has garnered a lot of attention recently. Here's a map of US states we've received hits from (red states are hits):

...and when I mean a lot of attention, I mean A LOT:

(Included but not shown: Netherlands Antilles, Hong Kong, Tuvalu, Trinidad & Tobago. Both maps updated Friday, July 13th)

I'm saddened by the fact that VK is so much more well-traveled than I am, yet I'm happy to live vicariously through it. I'm surprised to see people stopping by from all corners of the globe (What up Nepal, Iraq, Croatia??) and not-so surprised at the absence of others (helloooooo Greenland, Uzbekistan, Somalia, North Korea...).

Anyway, perhaps consider this our first "Thank You For Reading!" week, with the Mix Madness contest and all. Keep those submissions rolling in!

1 comment:

parisian cowboy said...

Huh... at first I thought Republican had invaded America ;) I'm glad that the world enjoys your work !!! See ya.