22 May 2007

Mix Madness! (a competition for cool kids)

So what we have here is a two minute or so long clip containing 31 little song snippets. What possible reason could there be for this madness? It is simply a sign that Megan has just a little bit too much time on her hands? Well, yes. But, also, it's a competition!

Exciting, yes?

Simply download the clip, listen, and identify as many of the songs featured as you can, and then send an e-mail of these songs off to us here at Volume Knob, (volume.knob@hotmail.com). If it were any more simple, monkeys would be entering!

And what does the Volume Knob reader who guesses the most correct songs receive? They will get not one, not two, but three, yes, that's right, THREE mix CDs! Each one lovingly and thoughtfully complied by Jess, June, and myself.

Have you ever heard anything more awesome than that?

So quickly! Download! Identify! Enter!

Winners (and answers) will be announced one week from today, on Tuesday the 29th, so that gives you plenty of time to mull over it.

The 31 Song Mix Madness!

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