14 May 2007

Yankee Hotel Fox-NOT

Wilco's latest album is finally out today. Sky Blue Sky has been receiving tepid reviews on the alleged basis of its lack of "experimentation." While the album is devoid of hissing electronic tape loops or ten minute songs about spiders filling out tax returns, Sky is every bit as emotional as Wilco's previous records. And ultimately that's what counts. Yes, it's smooth and straightforward and does little to rid the band of the "dad rock" stereotype, but Jeff Tweedy's vulnerability is just so damn endearing that the lack of sonic variation barely matters. Mortality obsessive lyrics like Please Don't Cry, We're designed to die and, Oh I didn’t die, I should be satisfied are poignant and plentiful. Don't let the disaffected hipster critics deter you from listening.

Stream the album in its entirety on the band's website

And you should probably buy it too.

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Nymeth said...

I love it. A Ghost is Born didn't do much for me but this one I love.