10 May 2007

Videos of The Decemberists @ WWU, Bellingham, WA, 05/05/07

This was the Cinco De Mayo show held in Western Washington University's red square (no, not like the one in Moscow). Fortunately these folks had decent weather. My Brightest Diamond opened (I'm still trying to dig something up of them). Here's some videos passed on by fellow alumni* who were fortunate enough to be in attendance (I tell ya, tickets were impossible to get).

Classic Rock Soundcheck! About two minutes in they play "Sweet Home Alabama." I always thought that song was lacking in accordion. Good thing Meloy and company rectify that:

Sixteen Military Wives:

Sons and Daughters:

The Crane Wife 2:

*Special thanks to Lisa for her videos!


LPC said...


Fi said...

I went, but I didn't buy tickets. Me and my friends stood on chairs outside of the boundary and watched - we could see just about as well as everyone in there, and we saved the money!

June said...

fi: hah, I was thinking I'd just hang out in the bathroom on the 3rd floor of Bond Hall and watch through those skinny windows! :)

Phoebe said...

Dammit I'm so sad I missed this! But thanks so much for the videos! <3