19 April 2010

"His smile is like a baby bunny sniffing a flower"

Hipster Kitty is right. The more we talk about it, the less stigma there is. That being said, I have nothing to say for myself. Quod Scripsi Scripsi.

Justin Bieber - Up.mp3

17 April 2010

Record Store Day 2010

Just a reminder: today is Record Store Day 2010! Swing by your local independent record store and pick up some goodies, like the Mountain Goats' "Life of the World to Come" DVD which is also released today. Only 1,500 copies were made, and distributed throughout the U.S., so call and visit to snag a copy!

Here's my personal favorite track off the latest album by the same name:
the Mountain Goats - 1 John 4:16.mp3

14 April 2010


Ah yeah, it's that time again. Today is going to be an all-Glee mix at work. While you're Enjoying Sue Sylvester's spoof of Madonna's iconic "Vogue" video, check out some fantastic amateur tributes to the show. I present to you Seattle's Glee Flash Mob!

13 April 2010


Not that this really has to do with music per se, but I stumbled upon this belt buckle that reminds me of this beloved blog:

Oh yes, it goes up to 11 as well!

12 April 2010

an open letter to our beloved bands

Dear Music Artists,

As you may/may not know, the recession has hit those of us who do not have "touring" in our job description rather heavily.
The plus side is that all of your lovely VK ladies have since returned to graduate school and/or gotten recession-resistant jobs.
The bad news is that grad school + these jobs suck up almost all our time, and we're still broke.

It's a delight when you tour through town, but the exquisite dearth of disposable income has made it difficult to invest in new music or go to shows. (Spoon, with your $30+ tickets for crappy seats at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, I'm talking to you.)

Suggestion: instead of trying to impress the hipsters with vinyl 7" releases or putting on elaborate shows that are out of the average working woman's price range, do what everyone else is doing and scale back a bit.

The Dimes (@The Tractor Tavern) and The Morning Benders (@The Crocodile) both put on great shows for <$12 in the past fortnight. Maybe the rest of you should look into that sort of thing.

the struggling music fans who are your bread & butter.