30 May 2007

Noo Soof (roof) toons!

I have been waiting to post these until after the Mix Madness results are up, but I'm terrifically impatient: You know you've reached eljay celeb-staus when you're featured in "OhNoTheyDidnt." TWICE IN ONE DAY. Apparently they LOVE him over there (and here, I'd given up hope with all their Paris/Britney/Lindsay posts).

First! There's a NEW SONG streaming on stereogum: In the Words of the Governor. It's VERY different that anything he's put out recently--sounds like it belongs on A Sun Came!, actually. Get ready for some face-melting screamo RAWK that sounds like an Icky Thump outtake!

EDIT: Here it is for download!

Sufjan "Buckey Beaver Billy Bird" Stevens - In the Words of the Governor.mp3

Secondly, our Portuguese correspondent in Lisbon sent us a link to the Seven Swans 7" A-Side:

Sufjan Stevens - I Went Dancing With My Sister.mp3

Thank you!!

Finally, this has been out for about 2 days but between holidays, graduations, deaths, interviews, heat waves, moving and wedding photos (a small sampling of the events in the everyday live of a Volume Knob blogger) we bring it to you now. That mini-movie of Sufjan performing "Lakes of Canada" is up! This is the one we previously saw just the trailer for in which Sufjan is freezing, haha.

It opens with the director telling Sufjan they can get up to the roof. Once up there he starts with a few chords of He Woke Me Up Again(.mp3) before freezing. (And giggling. OMG I thought I was gong to die from cuteness.)
After a cut for the title, We rejoin Sufjan, now with a jacket, performing his cover of the Innocence Mission song.
At the end you hear a few bars of Barn Owl, Night Killer(.mp3), the new piano song he debuted at the MusicNow Festival in Cincinnati.


...and for your downloading pleasure:

Sufjan Stevens - Lakes of Canada (Innocence Mission Cover).mp3
Live at Judson College Nov. 19, 2003


Megan said...

*sheepish* The results'll nr up any second now I swear! I'm just waiting for the last few songs to upload.

Alex said...

ahh, wonderful!
thank you for the mp3s :)