09 May 2007

News from KRS, AK, and the guiltiest of pleasures

Just the highlights. From Kill Rock Stars:
+ The Gossip’s Beth Ditto has an advice column in The Guardian?!
+ Elliott Smith's album New Moon is now streaming at MySpace until tomorrow. After that, you can hear it at virb.com.
+ The Mary Timothy Band's debut album, The Shapes We Make, has a song available for download. Check out Sharpshooter.mp3.
+ Xiu Xiu has a video podcast (live at Neumos in Seattle, WA) available here.

From Asthmatic Kitty:
+ Shapes and Sizes' new album Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner comes out May 22. You can hear it streaming on AK's site now. Download Alone/Alive.mp3 and Head Movin'.mp3.
+ The first 150 people who order it will receive the band's limited release tour EP.
+ S&S tours with The National this spring and summer throughout the Midwest and central Canada (I think I speak for all on the west coast and beyond when I say Wah!)
+ Unusual Animals has a show on May 13 at Union Hall in Brooklyn.Get tickets and go see them with Flying, Stars Like Fleas, and Osso (It's also the release party for the aforementioned new S&S album).

Finally, our buddy Wes debates the tongue-in-cheek term "guilty pleasure" with us as we announce the Guilt By Association compilation, released August 28th.

Dubbed as "Bridging the gap between TRL and Pitchfork, bringing together the indie with the irreverent," I'll let the track list speak for itself:
1. Petra Haden: ”Don't Stop Believin’” (Journey)
2. Devendra Banhart: “Don't Look Back In Anger” (Oasis)
3. Mark Mulcahy: “From This Moment On” (Shania Twain)
4. Luna: “Straight Up” (Paula Abdul)
5. The Concretes: “Back For Good” (Take That)
6. Jim O'Rourke: “Viva Forever” (Spice Girls)
7. Goat: “Sugar We're Going Down” (Fall Out Boy)
8. Will Oldham/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy” “Can't Take That Away” (Mariah Carey)
9. Woody Jackson Orchestra featuring Money Mark: Love's Theme (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
10. Porter Block: ”Breaking Free” (High School Musical)
11. Mooney Suzuki: ”Just Like Jesse James” (Cher)
12. Geoff Farina: “Two Tickets To Paradise” (Eddie Money)
13. Casey Shea: “Chop Suey” (System of a Down)
14. Superchunk: “Say My Name” (Destiny's Child)
15. Mike Watt: “Burning For You” (Blue Oyster Cult)

Will Oldham covers Mariah Carey? Devendra Banhart covers Oasis? ANYbody is covering Paula Abdul, Eddie Money and Take That?? This is either the GREATEST or WORST thing to ever happen to music. It's certainly the guiltiest.

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