01 June 2007

Thought of you and Union Avenue

Widower/The Quiet Life 7-inch

It's summertime, finally... time for ginger lemonades and mint mojitos while enjoying dusk on the back porch with good friends. In such a peaceful moment, what music could you imagine listening to? How about Widower?

The deceptively named Americana group hailing from Brooklyn is a sweet slow mix of country and folk. Not so much country to leave folk fans in the dust, and not so much folk as to leave them indistinguishable form so many other acts form the Boroughs.

Widower features Heather Cowan, who's worked with Ryan Adams on various fun stuff, including the upcoming box set due this fall (check out Cardinals Radio > Shit...hits the fan). She met songwriter Kevin Large at a coffee shop, Joe, that he works at after she was recording at Electric Lady with Ryan around the corner.

Recorded using the internal mic of Heather's computer (including pedal steel, etc.), the new 7" includes members of Lewis and Clarke and The Quiet Life, and will be put out by Safety Meeting Records. They are leaving Brooklyn to be closer to said pedal steel player, Chris Zasche, who lives in Seattle, and plays with Tim Seely and The Maldives (who debuted at the Sasquatch! festival over Memorial Day weekend).

They're touring the GPNW (that's Great Pacific Northwest for the rest of you), down to L.A. this summer. They'll be playing Seattle on July 8th at the Sunset Tavern, and have a split 7" (with Quiet Life) coming out later this month.

In addition to the 7", "Lucky Bastard" will be included on a compilation put out by Kill Buffalo records from Brooklyn this fall. Give them a listen, relax and enjoy.

Widower - The Antidote.mp3
Widower - Lucky Bastard.mp3
Keep an eye on Safety Meeting Records to nab the 7" when it comes out!

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