09 June 2007

Barcelona Cares About Britney

While the entire planet has been on collective Paris Hilton watch this week, I'm From Barcelona have opted to memorialize the world's other favorite falling pop star -Britney Spears. Everyone's favorite geographically-challenged 29 piece twee collective recently premiered their brand new ode "Britney" on their myspace page. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing lead singer Emanuel Lundgren via e-mail for CMJ (full disclosure: I'm an editorial intern there) and got the scoop on his tabloid headline fascinations.

"When the big news hit the world that Britney had shaved her head I was a bit confused," explained Lundgren, "I was confused that it was such big news. But I was even more confused that I was so interested. I think Britney looked cooler than ever with her new haircut. She should keep it, she's a punk rocker. I hope she'd be glad if she heard the song."

Barcelona have also scheduled a handful of U.S. tour dates for later this summer, marking their first ever shows in the States. "We're very happy about finally flying across the Atlantic," said Lundgren. "But yeah, it's a real nightmare to arrange the trip. We're 20 people coming over, and we're gonna have the time of our lives."

Tour Dates For I'm From Barcelona:
08/04 - Chicago, IL- Grant Park (Lollapalooza)
08/05 - Brooklyn, NY - McCarren Park Pool
08/06 - Brooklyn, NY - Southpaw

Here's hoping they run into Miss Spears during their visit!

Stream "Britney" on their MySpace Page.

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