18 June 2007

That's How People Grow Up

Ok, so I'm still computer-less (and thus mp3-less) but I thought I'd post this awesome new Morrissey song to emerge via YouTube. Visually, there is not a whole lot to be seen, (just poorly shot concert footage) but listen, oh just listen. And swoon along as the Moz croons "I've been wasting my time trying to fall in love." Oh, what's not to love.

Also check out this billboard advertising Morrissey's June 30th concert at Madison Square Garden, on the corner of 52nd and um I want to say 7th Avenue(it might be 6th)in New York City. I couldn't resist taking a photo:


Caitabee said...

God that's a gorgeous picture of Morrissey. I wish I could be over in the States to see him. He's never come to Australia... *Sighs*
Thanks for taking a picture of it. It's made me happy now. ^_^

Amy said...

There's also one on Broadway north of 50th. :)