27 June 2007

An Ode to K Recs

K Recs in Olympia, WA

Today I spent my lunch touring the innards of my favorite local label, K Recs here in Olympia, WA. Yep, that's it above--finding a home in an old Synagogue. Established by artist Calvin Johnson in 1982 (almost as old as I am!), K recs is one of the many indie labels to call the GPNW home.

I've never visited a label before, but I thought, what the hell--they're right here in town, and I love 'em. And, I can talk to someone who will know for SURE when the new Mirah album is coming out.

IT was pretty interesting to someone who's not in the biz (although, it looks tremendously similar to where Lizzie works). I saw the shelves full of stock and went downstairs to the recording studio "where the magic happens." Sadly, Calvin was out for the day. Yesterday, Karl Blau was in the house recording some material. (Shhhhh!)

Anyway, I was happy to chat up the staff and nab a vinyl copy of Mirah's Joyride:Remixes album. But why keep it all to myself? Here's some tracks from my favorite K Recs artists:

Mirah - Cold Cold Water.mp3
The Microphones - The Moan.mp3
Modest Mouse - Float On.mp3
Built to Spill - Fly Around.mp3

Be sure to also check out:
Kimya Dawson
Chicks on Speed
Little Wings
The Blow
All Girl Summer Fun Band
Old Time Relijun
Dub Narcotic Sound System
Beat Happening

EDIT: Super thanks to Ruby Re-Usable, of Olympia Dumpster Divers for the awesome photo of K Recs and her tape sculpture sitting on the steps.


Ruby said...

Hey, don't forget to give credit to visual artists, I am honored that you used my pic of K for your blog, that is my tape sculpture sitting on the steps, the photo is by Ruby Re-Usable, of Olympia Dumpster Divers: http://rubyreusable.com/artblog/

love, etc olyruby

June said...

Awesome! I had no idea where that pic came form (or what it was siting on the steps). Thanks for bringing it to my attention. BTW, is that sculpture available to view still, somewhere?

Ruby said...

that tape sculpture and more like him can be viewed at: http://rubyreusable.com/artblog/?cat=17

He was in an art show up in Everett, along with 3 other figures, but that show is over now, the next appearance will be at Art on the Ave in Tacoma July 8, where 3 plastic bag and tape sculptures ON WHEELS will also make their debut.

you can always get a sneak preview at my art studio in beautiful downtown Oly right by the OFS Free Wall: http://www.rubyreusable.com/castoff.htm

thanks for asking, love, etc Ruby

Nymeth said...

That's awesome that you got to go there. Much love for Little Wings!