06 June 2007

Mashup Mayhem pt. 1: The Revolution Will Be Televised

There's a fine line distinguishing this new form from covers, remixes, and songs sampling other songs. There's a huge history on it on Wikipedia. But we're not here for history or lectures, we're here for pure unadulterated fun.

We girls have been sharing the best mash-ups we've collected so far, so we're breaking them into one post now and another in a few days after you've had time to recover from how awesome this first batch is.

Smells Like Missy Elliot ME vs Nirvana
99 Luft Problems Jay-Z vs Nena
The Made Over Peninsula Sufjan Stevens v Christina Aguilera
World Maps Daft Punk vs The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Boulevard of Broken Songs Green Day vs Oasis/Travis/Aerosmith
Never Feel Good Cake vs Gorillaz
Somebody Stole Your Beat Bloc Party vs The Killers


Beth said...

Yay! I used to hate mashups, but then a couple good ones converted me. Some of these are new to me, though. Which is very nifty.

(But please tell me you're going to post "No One Takes Your Freedom" (Beatles/Scissor Sisters/George Michael/Aretha Franklin)- 'cos it's the ultimate in insane, this-shouldn't-work-but-omg-it-does!- and "Somebody Rock Me" (Killers/Clash)- just because it's amazing!)

I can't wait to see post #2- thanks for these!

June said...

Hi Beth--
I'd love to post them if we had them! Both sound new to me, and I don't think Jess Megan or Lizzie has them either (but I can make sure.)

All else failing, if you woudn't mind send them to us we'll definately post them (with major props to you of course).