05 June 2007

This one's for June

Two important pieces of information were recently brought to my attention.

1. Miss June had a pretty rotten Monday.
2. She has also never heard any songs by Daniel Johnston.

While I myself have only heard a smattering of songs by the talented, yet mentally troubled singer-songwriter, it is imperative my fellow blogger and readers alike listen to this handful of songs.

Lousy Weekend - Daniel Johnston
Couldn't find a single friend, friend. Had my heart set on disappointment.
I swear the first five seconds of this song sound exactly like the Mountain Goat's "Dance Music". However, considering it was initially released in 1994 it's clearly not ripping off the goats. You'll be hooked from the manic jangle, self-deprecating lyrics and oh that fiddle.
Off Fun

True Love will Find You in the End - Daniel Johnston

This is a promise with a catch...

Very few singers could get away with singing the title sentiment. Daniel Johnston is one of them.
Off 1990

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