10 June 2007

They say it's your Birthday!

Sigh... it seems like only 10 days ago I was making a gratuitously self-congratulatory post and here I'm at it again. But for what better reason? Today's my birthday, the single greatest and most important day of the year (Iieee! I can feel my mid-20s slipping away as I type!).

For anyone else who shares their birthday with Tara Lipinski, Leelee Sobieski, Elizabeth Hurley, Mike Doughty, Maurice Sendak, Judy Garland and Saul Bellow, here's a collection of some of my favorite friends, gathered to celebrate it with me. Grab a cupcake or something today and have a good smile as well.

Jeff Buckley - Happy Birthday.mp3
The classic song, with a bluesy riff added, sung to some audience member named "Jimmy." This is a live cut (and I'm guessing a lost outtake from the Sin-é).

The Beatles - Birthday.mp3
The old fall-back for birthday mix tapes. Honestly, can it be considered a great mix if it lacks a song from the "White Album?"

Sufjan Stevens - Happy Birthday.mp3
Familiar title, not-so-familiar tune. From his debut work A Sun Came!, this plucky piece of guitar arpeggios both celebrates a birthday and laments the situation in which it is occurring.

Weird Al Yankovic - Happy Birthday.m4a
Weird Al would like to remind us, in a slightly sillier fashion than Sylvia Plath, that every day we're a bit closer to death. Here's hoping that WWIII won't happen before the next time I get a chance to blow out candles on a cake!

Cibo Matto - Birthday Cake.mp3
The lyrics are key here, if you want the recipe for the grossest cake ever:
extra sugar, extra salt, extra oil and MSG!
it's moldy, mom, isn't it?

Personally, I'd prefer a bowl of White Pepper Ice Cream. Both tracks from 1996's Viva! La Woman.

Andrew Bird - The Happy Birthday Song.mp3
A softer, down-tempo song to close the night out on. Like a Hallelujah, don't just let it pass on through ya. From The Mysterious Production of Eggs.

and my present from Jess:
Jens Lekman - Happy Birthday Dear Friend Lisa.m4a
The Sugarcubes - Birthday.m4a
Yay, Thank you!! :D

...and finally, two songs by or about fellow birthday-mates:
Judy Garland - You Can't Have Everything.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Saul Bellow.mp3


Allison said...

Hey there-
First of all, happy birthday!

Secondly, my birthday is in two days, and I would *love* to have the Weird Al birthday song for it (he reminds me of my childhood... which keeps slipping further and further away) - but the link doesn't work. I thought I'd let you know, in the hopes that it might be up before Tuesday. :)


June said...

Hi Allison-
Whoops, sorry about that one... it's fixed now, enjoy! And Happy Birthday to you too! :)