23 June 2007

Songs for Summer: Pt. 1 - In the Summertime


Summer is the time for long, hot days, cookouts, late nights, bugs, lemonade, swimming and baseball (in the States anyway). It's also a time for laziness. Being that the first official day of summer was June 21st, I was more than a little put off with the dreary, fall-like weather we've been having around here.

I also didn't particularly feel like getting up the gumption to write up something long-winded about summer music (did I mention summer = laziness?). So how 'bout I drop you a load of Summer-infused songs, for downloading at your leisure? I think that works for everybody.

The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer in the City.mp3
A timeless song about humid New York days. From the album by the same name.

Zwan - Endless Summer.mp3
For those blissfully unaware, after Smashing Pumpkins broke up (but before Billy Corgan tried to strike out on his own, and before they got back together), He and Papa M had this really amazing if short-lived band that basically sounded like a brighter, shiner version of the 'Pumpkins, with three guitars. Three! They only put out one album, the really great Mary, Star of the Sea.

Death Cab for Cutie - Summer Skin.mp3
From 2005's amazing Plans album.

Seals and Croft - Summer Breeze.mp3
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the Jasmine of my mind...

Tenacious D - Summer of '69 (live Bryan Adams cover).mp3
Jables takes the initiative to change the lyrics a bit to D-ify the song, and makes it rock.

The Decemberists - Summersong.mp3
From last years' amazing album The Crane Wife.

Regina Spektor - Summer in the City.mp3
NOT a cover of the aforementioned Lovin' Spoonful song. Off last year's Begin to Hope.

Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime.mp3
Every time I hear this song I think of this stupid video I saw on American's Funniest Home Videos, like, 15 years ago where this guy "plays" this song with a bunch of wine glasses and the water spouting from his kitchen sink. It's the kind of thing that would be on YouTube if they had it back then.

Sarah Hammer - Summertime.mp3
A perfect summer song, recorded on the back porch of her house. You can feel the languishing heat and hear the crickets.

Tiffany Anders - Summer Gold.mp3
What?? You've never heard of Tiffany Anders?! Go buy Funny Cry Happy Gift right now and discover this gem for yourself.

Ataris - Boys of Summer (Don Henley cover).mp3
I have nothing to say about this.

Tomorrow: Songs from the Sun!


Anonymous said...

James Iha was NOT part of Zwan!

June said...

Whoops... I had to look that one up. You're right!

butter team blog said...

love the d cover of bryan adams. wish they would do a whole album of bryan adams covers.