02 June 2007

New New Pornos!

There are few choice words one is obliged to use when describing the New Pornographers - terms like "super-group," "power-pop" and "Canadian" just to name a few. While it may be cliche to dub Carl Newman, Dan Bejar, Neko Case and company purveyors of pop music of the highest order, it certainly isn't an understatement. This August 21 they're back with their fourth full lengthChallengers. Listen to a taste of it with the awesomely titled "My Rights Versus Yours."

My Rights Versus Yours - The New Pornographers

Tracklist for Challengers

01 My Rights Versus Yours
02 All the Old Showstoppers
03 Challengers
04 Myriad Harbour
05 All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth
06 Failsafe
07 Unguided
08 Entering White Cecilia
09 Go Places
10 Mutiny, I Promise You
11 Adventures in Solitude
12 The Spirit of Giving

It's not available for pre-order yet but check out their spiffy website


Nymeth said...

I love the song. This album has the potential to be one of my favourites of the year - and it's been a GREAT year.

parisian cowboy said...

Nice song.