14 June 2007

Lily Allen @ Roseland Ballroom, NYC 6/12/07

Don't believe everything you read. Case in point - The New York Daily News' review of Tuesday's Lily Allen concert (scroll down the page a bit). Lily was nothing but charming and endearing. Believe me, I was actually there to witness it. Her performance was NOT erratic and her start-time was not unpunctual. (Her publicist confirmed with CMJ that Lily was going on around 9:30 prior to the show).

Romping around in a poofy white prom dress and matching Chuck Taylors, she was every bit as adorable as you’d imagine, even in New York's cavernous, acoustically-awkward Roseland Ballroom. Yes, she forgot a handful of lyrics and stared at cheat-sheets which littered the stage, but she apologized profusely and won the adoring crowd over nonetheless. It's ok, Lily. We think you're alright, still.

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