20 June 2007

NOregon for Sufjan!

'Oregon, With the Wind' a hoax

Speaking of Michigan alumni, In case you didn't hear on Pitchfork, Sufjan's Oregon album, "Oregon, With the Wind," is, um, not real, sorry. Personally, I'm putting my money on NEW JERSEY--it'll be a BIRD-themed album heavy on PIANO. Seriously. (You heard it here first!)

In any case, it's somewhat of a relief that I'm only the second-most-obsessed Sufjan-fan with too much online time on my hands. That's not saying I wouldn't be able to come up with such spot-on fake song titles and sonic descriptions; rather, I just don't need one more reason to remind myself what a dorky fanatic I truly am.

That being said, for absolutely no reason, here's some Sufjan rarities:

Sufjan Stevens - The First Full Moon.mp3 (from To Spirit Back the Mews)
Sufjan Stevens - Damascus.mp3 (from Seen/Unseen)
Sufjan Stevens - The Star-Spangled Banner .mp3 (live at the Seaport Festival, 2004)

Oh, and have you ever wondered what Sufjan himself might think of all this willy-nilly file-sharing of his creations? Wonder no more!

From the horse's mouth: words to live by.
"I’m aware that almost every one of my songs is available online. I don’t mind at all. I think it helps artists at my level. It’s great promotion. Music writers do no justice, with their limited vocabulary. Ad space is not affordable. The best marketing tool is word of mouth. File sharing is a great tool of communication."

--Sufjan Stevens, The Ann Arbor Paper, Issue 19.

So there you go. Feel no more shame for your ruthless plundering of the interblag's offerings in search of Sufjan goodies.

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