12 June 2007

Game Shows Touch Our Lives

My love for Bob Barker knows no bounds. In my eyes his retirement as host of The Price is Right, the only bastion of watchable daytime TV left in these United States, is tragic. The man is an American institution unto himself. If you see a girl roaming the streets of New York dressed all in black, with tear-streaked cheeks chances are it's me -that is if I make it out of the house at all, no mean feat given my constant state of mourning.

"But this is a music blog," you say. No worries, I didn't forget. That's why it is my pleasure to present this clip in which two members of the Arcade Fire, Tim Kingsbury and Richard Reed Perry, intervene (lame pun, I know) on the greatest game show of all time. Note their "1-866-Neon-Bible" t-shirts, as they stand behind the first bidder. It's sure to cure your Antichrist Television Blues:

Additionally, here's the most depressingly gorgeous song ever to reference the Price is Right:

The Mountain Goats - Game Shows Touch Our Lives (Live @ the Bowery Ballroom, NYC 10/01/06)

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Beth said...

Here's a fun song that also commemorates that immortal game show. Keller Williams (one of my favorite semi-locals) did a great song called "Bob Rules" on his Laugh album, and it never fails to make me smile.