08 June 2007

Mashup Mayhem pt. 2: Internet Killed the Video Star

Just in time for your weekend, here's the second installment of our Mashup Mayhem this week. Why do Jay-Z and Missy Elliott get so much love from mashups? Is it because they're familiar, or easy? I'm trying to get a mashup of Patrick Wolf's "Overture" and Tears for Fears' "Mad World" because, c'mon, they pretty much sound identical anyway.

The Doors vs The Crystal Method
Zombies Walk!! Kanye West vs Sufjan Stevens
Real a Little While J-Lo vs U2
La Femme D'Monsieur Jones Air vs Mike Jones
Love Will Freak Us Joy Division vs Missy Elliott
Justify My Raccoon Jay-Z vs The Beatles
US Placers Jay-Z vs Thom Yorke
Somebody Rock Me The Clash/The Killers*
No One Takes Your Freedom The Beatles vs Scissor Sisters/George Michael/Aretha Franklin*
Bounce That at least a dozen artists in some sort of audial mosh pit

*Thanks to our co-conspirator Lizzie for getting these!

Here's two that sort of straddle the definition of mashup with sample or remix, but they're great nonetheless.
Under Craig Obey Tonight Craig Obey vs The Church
Ghetto Popcorn Hot Butter vs ODB/Mya
...and you all know that that "Ghetto Superstar" chorus is an old Dolly Parton cover, right??

For all your mashup-ing needs, we recommend preparing for a binge on Go Home Productions and from our comrade DJ JetPilot's blog from Christchurch, New Zealand. He does some great mashups as well, in giant 20- or 30-minute danceable blocks.

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Anonymous said...

i was looking EVERYWHERE for a a download for that love will freak us mashup (pretty sure your the only one on the internet with a working link lol) THANK YOU!!!