03 October 2009

Wait, this is a beer commercial??

We recently got an email from reader Caitlin with the simple subject line "A Must." We were intrigued. Enclosed was a link to this video. Forget that this is a beer commercial. Because the song is disturbingly catchy. The band has a cumbersome name "Billie the Vision & the Dancers". All we know about them is that they are Swedish. And that is all you really need to know. Because Sweden pops out pop bands like that Duggar lady pops out chidren (did you heard she's pregnant with her nineteenth?, craziness). Anyways enjoy it, we sure do. Thanks Caitlin!


LMS said...

You can get all their stuff for free on their website. Highly recommended!

Caitlin said...

You're welcome! I found out about them because they were at the festival Merce in Barcelona and played a free show with the Hives.

And yes, all their music is available for free on their blog!