04 October 2009

NYT: now good for two kinds of recycling!

Note: before complaints arise of me maligning the Gray Lady, let me note that it is merely my own broken dreams of journalism, not the quality of the publication, that allows me to be so bitterly tongue-in-cheek about it. That being said...

On Tuesday, the New York Times ran an article in the Arts section about Daniel Johnston's art and music being transformed into a Frogger-like iPhone app. Needless to say, the time span between me hearing about this article to playing the game was less than 2 minutes.

Not only was it 99 cents well-spent, but it's a delightful and challenging romp into the artistic and musical world of Mr. Johnston. Classic characters that once dryly adorned 80's cassette tapes now leap about to his music. No more Devil Town: he is now a Big Business Monkey. I love it.

If you have an iPhone (or have a loved one who does) and like Daniel Johnston even a tiny bit, then I recommend this joyful time-passer. Daniel Johnston is himself pleased with the game even though the technophobe admitted "I don't even know what an iPhone is."

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