06 October 2009

I always find time in my day to use the royal we

Seriously, how much so we love the new Vampire Weekend song that popped up today? I was always curious to hear their new stuff, but I can't say that I was excited. It was more that I was wondering what direction they'd go in. Sophmore albums are hard at the best of times, but even more so for picthfork hype bands (see: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah).

But man, this song, I'm digging and, and now I'm crazy psyched for the new album out January 12. The song shows an evolved sound, but not so evolved that they no longer sound like Vampire Weekend. Plus, it's catchy as all hell. And effortless. I'm pretty sure a picture of Vampire Weekend needs to go into the dictionary under "effortless".

Sorry for the rambly post, but I finished the first draft of my thesis today, so my brain is a little rattled (to say the least!).

Vampire Weekend - Horchata
(if, like me, you have no idea what that is, I wiki'd it:
Horchata, or orxata, is the name for several kinds of traditional beverages made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley or tigernuts. So there you go. Do you think tigernuts have any relation to tigermilk? Duuddee, could you just image what a Vampire Weekend / Belle & Sebastian collaberation would sound like? Madness!)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you..this song completely lifts my spirits up and that's always a good sign. Also, I've had a drink of horchata and it's just as refreshing as the tune <3

Caitlin said...

Horchata is my favorite drink! I can't wait to hear this song! :)