02 October 2009

gettin' you all caught up on the Sufjan stuff put out in 09 so you'll stop whining about that next state album

After getting a chance to talk to Mr. Stevens and Cryptacize after the Cleveland, OH show on Sept. 24, He dropped that a new, as-yet-untitled album with a dubious lack of state affiliation will be out "next year." In case you haven't gotten it yet, here are some excellent-quality recordings from the Ithaca show the previous day, which showcases much of Stevens' new sound:
Sufjan Stevens - Too Much Love.mp3 (The jumpy 7/8 time one)
Sufjan Stevens - Majesty Snowbird.mp3 (new version)
Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz.mp3 (Pronounced as "Odds")
Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People.mp3 (new song borrowed heavily from old song)
Sufjan Stevens - Impossible Souls.mp3 (Sufjan's "favorite" of the new batch right now)

Did you know The BQE is out on an album now? Your choice of the CD/DVD set, or the ol' vinyl, which comes with a bonus song that has lyrics. Not convinced? Call him the Mussorgsky of the 21st Century, and the BQE is the "Pictures at an Exhibition" of our generation. Here's what you're missing:
Sufjan Stevens - Introductory Fanfare for the Hooper Heroes.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Movement III: Linear Tableau With Intersecting Surprise.mp3
Sufjan Stevens - Movement IV: Traffic Shock.mp3

Buy The BQE.

Osso, a string quartet spun from Sufjan's hugely orchestral Winged Eagle and Butterfly Kite Brigade days, has rearranged and released Stevens' 2002 Electronica album "Enjoy Your Rabbit" as a new album titled "Run Rabbit Run." (Owning your own label can have huge perks far as what you do with your music, what is released and when. Hooray for complete artist control!)
Some of the tracks off the original recording I liked least and now favorites in Osso's version, and vice versa. Give it a try:
Osso - Year of the Dog.mp3
Osso - Year of the Dragon.mp3

Buy Run Rabbit Run.

Finally, we come to Tor, who has put together a well-done EP of Sufjan-based mashups & remixes called "Illinoize". Check it:
Tor - Dumb ATLiens Sound (f. Outkast).mp3
Tor - The Dress Makes Me Feel That Way (f. Gift of Gab).mp3
Tor - Star of Wonder / None Shall Pass (f. Aesop Rock).mp3

Download the entire Illinoize FOR FREE!

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