22 October 2009

VK chats with Nana Grizol

We're counting down the days until January 12th. That's when indie-pop darlings Nana Grizol release their second album Ruth. We recently chatted with lead singer Theo Hilton to get the scoop.

Here's what we learned: Ruth isn't a person, but a concept. As Theo explains, Ruth is "defined as sympathy for the misery of others". Sonically, the band remains the eclectic pop arrangements that made so unique in the first place (think: euphonium, sousaphone and bugle) but there's also a new dynamic at play "It's moodier lot quieter and a lot louder". While the band's debut Love It! Love It was almost entirely comprised of songs Hilton wrote himself, "the writing on Ruth is very much a group effort".
Ruth cover photo taken on the Brooklyn Bridge

This newfound collective approach makes sense, as over the past two years the group has cohered in a more defined way than ever before. However, while Nana Grizol is as cohesive as it's ever been, the music scene down in the band's hometown and indie-pop Mecca Athens, GA is as open and scattered as ever. "There's this impression that that Elephant 6 is an organized thing", says Theo. "It's just great people wanting to make and share music. I really think making something is my favorite way to hang out. I think that goes on everywhere." Of course it's incredibly awesome when two of those people making and sharing music include Laura Carter and Robbie Cucchiaro the brass section of Neutral Milk Hotel!

As for the Theo's raw and freewheeling approach as a singer and songwriter: "I'm very wordy when I write songs I think playing and singing is my favorite way to release energy. The most important thing is to cut loose and go wild."

We agree!

Check 'em out on Orange Twin Records

And enjoy a sneak peak listen:
For Things That Haven't Come Yet - Nana Grizol

AND catch them on tour (a little birdie tells us albums will be for sale early at the live shows)

Upcoming Tour Dates:
10/23 - Athens, Ga. @ Go Bar w/ Emily Armond
11/4 - Chapel Hill, NC @ Night Light w/ Organos
11/5 - St. Mary's City, Md. @ St. Mary's College
11/6 - Washington, DC @ still sorting a venue
11/7 - Purchase, NY @ SUNY Purchase
11/8 - New York, NY @ Cakeshop
11/9 - Hamden, Ct. @ The Space
11/10 - Portland, Maine @ Apohadion
11/11 - Brattleboro, VT @ TBA
11/13 - Toronto, Ontario @ The Dakota
11/14 - Geneseo, NY @ Barn Show
11/15 - Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Garfield Artworks
11/17 - Chicago, Ill. @ Empty Bottle
11/18 - Madison, Wisc. @ House show
11/19 - Mineapolis, Minn. @ Medusa
12/3 - Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge w/ Madeline, HAM1


Danny said...

Love it. Maybe I can get the album early at the Empty Bottle in Nov...

Anonymous said...

The album is also available for download on Amazon already.