14 October 2009

Best Elephant 6-related band you're still not listening to

"For Things That Haven't Come Yet" might just be the best Nana Grizol song yet. The preview single from the band's upcoming album Ruth has just about everything I love in a pop song. There's the everything-AND-the-kitchen-sink instrumentation. Read: baritone euphonium, clarinet, harmonica, recorder and most prominently, the blaring horns played by members of the holy grail of indie pop NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL.

Not to mention the killer opening lyrics "I saw the best minds of my generation passed out in their prime" and off course the off-kilter vocal. I mean we're a blog named after Mountain Goat lyrics, we're practically obligated to love singers who can't sing, and thus sing beautifully. The only bad news is that we have to wait until January for the new album.

In the meantime let us reminder you how ovary-weeping adorable their last album cover was:

For Things That Haven't Come Yet - Nana Grizol

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