09 October 2009

There's an ember in the rafters and it's gonna bring this whole thing down!

I've already expressed my love of Sea Wolf on this blog, but their new album White Water, White Bloom totally exceeded all my expectations. I knew Sea Wolf as a band that made melancholy, orchestral folk music -the kind of music where the cello swells and the piano sways - the kind of music that's perfect for unseasonably cold autumn days. Now, don't get me wrong, the band still maintains that sepia-tinged aesthetic, but they've added something more to the mix.

White Water finds the band in touch with a newfound urgency. There's a stomp and a crunch and the songs pound, pound, pound (seriously, check out the percussion on "O Maria!") and are just about the grandest thing this side of the Arcade Fire. I am having a serious love affair with this album, guys. In the words of Tracy Morgan (or should I say Tracy Jordan?), I want to take this band behind the middle school and get it pregnant. So. Much. Love.

Listen UP!

Wicked Blood - Sea Wolf

O Maria! - Sea Wolf

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Julie said...

i bought both yesterday based on your rec. Thanks, Jess!