17 October 2007

You Don't Know What I'm Going Through...

I still remember the first Jens Lekman song I ever heard. "Black Cab," track 13 on a very awesome mix made for me by fellow VKer Jess (who once managed to get a marriage proposal passed on to Mr. Lekman). If I didn't already owe her innumerable thanks for all the other awesome music she has hooked me up with, I would owe her innumerable thanks for that.

So what do I think of Jens Lekmans sophomore album, Night Falls Over Kortedala? I wish I could tell you, I really do. But I have this problem. See, when I first got the album, I played it through. I know that it was good. I remember it as being good. Like a fading dream, I remember it was very good. But I can't listen to it again. Because every time I go to I skip straight to track three, "Opposite of Hallelujah." And when it ends I start it again. Sometimes, if I'm distracted, I'll hear the start of "Postcards to Nina" before I click back. The start of "Postcards to Nina" is very cool, it has a nostalgic 70's kinda feel to it. (So does "Opposite of Hallelujah," for that matter). Actually, if my dimming memory serves the whole album toes the nostalgia line, although the lyrics are rooted firmly in the today.

I couldn't say for sure though, because like I said, this has become something of a one song album for me. But what a song! Handclaps! Handclaps, and a glockenspiel! Handclaps, glockenspiel and self-depreciating wit!

Black Cab (from '05's "Oh You're So Silent Jens.")
Oh no, God damn, I missed the last tram!

Opposite Of Hallelujah
I took my sister down to the ocean...


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Pat said...

You are absolutely mental if you are not listening to this album all the way through. This is easily one of the finest albums of the year, should pop up when we start listing albums for the decade, and is surely the best of his fabulous career. Granted "Opposite of Hallelujah" is an awesome, awesome song but come on give it the full listen it deserves! There are so many gems on here it's absolutely amazing.