01 October 2007

Monday Night Football

Let me say this up front: I am not a football fan. Peter Peter Hughes (whom you might know as the second half the Mountain Goats), however, is. So much so that he made an album about it, a collection of songs for every team of the American Football Conference.

Under his own release name of DiskothiQ, Peter's put out 5 funny, bitter, insightful or just lovely albums between 1994 and 1999 (one available as free-download only). But seeing how it's now autumn, it's the season for the sport. What better way to celebrate than to highlight the two teams playing tonight?

DiskothiQ - Bengals.mp3
DiskothiQ - Patriots.mp3

Oh, but what if you're a fan of a team on the National Football Conference? Not to fear, there's an album for you too!


Lizzie said...

Oooh, I AM a football fan, and I must hear the Steelers song! Except I take a bit of offense to the bit where he says inspired by an H.L. Mencken essay portraying Pittsburgh as the most abysmally, hideously, unspeakably ugly place man has ever created, because Pittsburgh is actually quite beautiful.

diskothiq said...

I don't actually share Mencken's distaste for Pittsburgh, finding it instead one of America's great unsung treasures and a place I could easily see myself living even. As I recall though that essay is seriously fucking hilarious nonetheless.