24 October 2007

Scary Sufjan!

I less than three the Soof like nobody's business, so I require neither prompting nor excuse to post anything and everything about him.

Hot off the, er, YouTube presses, courtesy of Pfork (who just possibly might cream themselves over him even more than I do...but doubtful), here's a video preview of Part 6 of his upcoming orchestral piece, the BQE, during a rehersal. That's Sufjan over on piano.
Recent comments from reviews and an interview have used terms like "multi-car pileup" and "Tim Burton? More like Davd Lynch." But hey, decide for yourself:

And finally, further proof that maybe I should be clocking in those extra hours of overtime at work, instead of sending 4 hours carving up my monster, 72-lb. pumpkin in the likeness of... well, you know.

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