14 October 2007

Morning Recordings - The Welcome Kinetic

Sounding something like an eerier Beach House, or a more lush version of The Books, Morning Recordings craft intricate dreamscapes of sound. The Chicago collective's latest album The Welcome Kinetic is a haunting affair riddled with unusual instrumentation. There are optigans, vibraphones, Japanese table harps, horns and cellos strewn among sampled field recordings and Pramod Tummala's breathy, melancholic vocals. Edith Frost also lends her voice to three tracks as well.

The video for "Sugar Waltz" is the visual equivalent of most of the album--like a hypnotic carnival ride--twisted and delightful and just a tad disorienting (but in the best possible way).

Summer Tapes - Morning Recordings Off 2005s Music For Places
Sugar Waltz - Morning Recordings Off 2007s The Welcome Kinetic

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