14 October 2007

If Only I Had A Delorean

2007 has been a pretty good year for music. Scratch that, it's been an amazing year for music! It has seemed that our favourite bands could do no wrong, with fantastic album after fantastic album falling into our laps. And the year is not even over! Who knows what else it could bring? Well, I for one do not care what the rest of this year will have. I want to be over. I want it to be early '08. Because in early '08?

The new Mountain Goats album.

Oh Yeah.

Reliable sources say it will be called 'Heretic Pride,' and will be about monsters. (Lonely monsters, maybe). And, the Bright Mountain Choir, not seen since the Zopilote Machine days, will make an appearance! Oh man, if you don't get how awesome that is, you'll just have to take my word for it. It's awesome.

We have some confirmed song names:

New Zion
How to Embrace a Swamp Creature
Marduk T-Shirt Men's Room Incident
Craters In The Moon

I've been lucky enough to actually hear 'Craters In The Moon,' (many thanks must go to Christopher for that one, the coolest man in all of sunny California) and oh, it is very good. Very good indeed. Creepy and low with the coolest bass and then this amazing and sudden burst of energy. (No one, and I mean no one, does sudden bursts of energy like John Darnielle).

"In the declining years of a long war..."

John Darnielle has, however, made it clear that he would prefer bootleg recordings of songs from upcoming releases not be shared, and so out of respect for him I won't upload it here. As I peace offering I shall share "Cut Off Their Thumbs #1," an older unreleased tMG track that this new song reminds me off in some ways:

Cut Off Their Thumbs #1
"I'm gonna kill everyone in this room...."

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