09 October 2007

Blast me into the Estradasphere

Fellow J-skool alum, blogger, and Scrabble buddy Jeremy introduced me to Estradasphere, a band from Santa Cruz who are relocating to Seattle. We listened to their 2006 album, Palace of Mirrors, during a kickass game last night.* The disorienting nature of the music, however, posed an additional challenge.

As he threw the all-instrumental album into the CD player, he said, "Just try and categorize this."
After two songs I thought I had my answer:
"It's like Slayer, but take away one member, and they grew up in Algeria."
"Yeah... but you've only heard two songs. You need to listen to the whole thing to get the whole effect."

So, throughout the evening, I'd pause between racks full of I's and C's to look up from my tiles with a mixed expression of amazement and disgust, saying:
"It's like, if they had Nintendo in the 60's... this would be the Megaman theme," or,
"It's like a Scandinavian acoustic thrash-core cover of Tom and Jerry," or,
"Spaghetti-Western Surf Rock," or even,
"Romanian speedmetal folk."

Try and categorize Estradasphere for yourself!

Estradasphere - A Corporate Merger.mp3
Estradasphere - The Terrible Beautypower of Meow.mp3
Estradasphere - The Return.mp3

*Sorry, but I have to brag. I totally mauled him: 344 to 175.

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