02 October 2007

The Lucksmiths @ The Knitting Factory, NYC 9/28/07

Last Friday at New York's cozy Knitting Factory, Australian indie-pop outfit The Lucksmiths put on one of the most charming shows I've seen in ages. If you're unfamiliar with the trio (who actually performed live as a four-piece), you should really rectify that and get to know some of the most witty and heartfelt acoustic/semi-orchestral pop songs of the 00s. Additionally lead singer Tali White happens to be the drummer. His agility and sense of rhythm were mighty impressive.

My biggest gripe of the night had nothing to do with the music, or even the crowd - just two specific audience members- two specifically tall audience members with excessively massive hipster-fros. Now I'm sure they're very nice people, it's just that when you and your friends barely crack the five foot mark, it's easy to get fed up with those who arrive at the venue just minutes before you do, but happen to be less, um, vertically challenged.

Be sure to check out the recently released Spring A Leak, a two disc collection of b-sides, covers and rarities.

A Hiccup in Your Happiness - The Lucksmiths (Off 2005s Warmer Corners)

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