18 October 2007

The Felice Brothers @ Avalon, NYC - CMJ 10/17/07

The Felice Brothers set at CMJ's Unsigned Artists Showcase proved to be one of the highlights of the night. Of course that came as no surprise, having seen them play many times for events at my college lit-mag. Drummer (and published novelist) Simone Felice was lively and animated, praising the crowd with "Amens". They were playing in a converted church-turned-indie-rock-venue after all. And then the guitar and accordion wailed in beautiful gothic harmony.

I briefly spoke to Simone prior to the show. I noticed him lying on a small patch of grass outside the venue, limbs sprawled out. This is a man who uses the term "psychedelic" unironically. Needless to say he is quite a character on and off the stage.

Catch the Felice Brothers opening for Bright Eyes this Fall. Hmm, maybe I should have warned them about the audiences they might have to endure?

Whiskey in My Whiskey - The Felice Brothers
Radio Song - The Felice Brothers

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