21 October 2007

Islands @ R Bar, NYC 10/19/07 CMJ

"Rocking" and "bass clarinet" normally do not belong in the same sentence together. Islands, however obliterated that rule. Playing for over an hour in the confines of New York's teeny-tiny R-Bar, hundreds of people scrunched together to catch a glimpse of the eclectic Canadian pop collective.It was all a part of Brooklyn Vegan's CMJ day party (one of three actual, plus an official CMJ showcase), which ran nearly seven and nine bands long, but more on those bands later. Lead Islander Nick Diamond pranced around the stage (or rather step in the back of the bar) and into the crowd, snatching hats and umbrellas from unexpected audience members. Meanwhile the violinists swung from poles (there were an inordinate amount of stripper-like poles for a non-strip club, ha), while simultaneously playing there instruments no less, making them by far the most acrobatically proficient musicians you're bound to ever see.

Word on the street (or rather from the band) has it that a new album will be out sometime in the Spring. They literally just finished mixing it three days ago. The tracks all sounded superb, bounding with energy, the as of yet titled album is looking to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2008.

Rough Gem - Islands
Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby - Islands

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