26 October 2007

Not good for your HEALTH

I know, I know CMJ has been over for nearly a week, but it's taken me a while to process the whirlwind marathon of shows and the hype (and hangovers) that accompany them. So here it is -my woefully late post in which I will discuss a band that, as a music blogger, I am legally obligated to post about. That band is HEALTH. (Ah, see you thought I was going to say Black Kids, but I'm saving them for my next post.)
Incidentally, I caught both HEALTH and Black Kids on the same afternoon, in the cramped confines of the stripper pole laden R Bar. I mention the context because sometimes the circumstances in which you see/hear a band have a terrible influence on whether or not you enjoy them. Maybe that's the reason I didn't, for lack of a better word "get" HEALTH.

HEALTH is a band better suited for listening at 2:30 at night, not 2:30 in the afternoon. They throb and pound and make weird noises -weird LOUD noises. I don't think their songs have words, just odd, discordant moans. They're disturbing, but not in a compeling Animal Collective-way, just in a disturbing way. How can people listen to this kind of music in daylight? -that was essentially my first thought upon their opening squawk- or while sober? I spent most of their set at the bar chugging free vodka with Red Bulls (and I despise Red Bull, but such was the madness that I was driven to drink such an icky beverage. And hey, it was free).

It was at this time I struck up a conversation with a guy who was equally confused and disengaged. And interestingly enough it turns out he makes some rather pretty music of his own. There is nothing out of the ordinary about Dave Godowsky's music. It's pretty standard singer-songwriter fair -acoustic guitar, some harmonica flourishes, maybe an occasional splash of glockenspiel. But upon downloading a few tracks (a bunch of songs are available for free on his website) I found myself really liking it. Maybe you will too?

Compare and contrast:
Tabloid Scores - HEALTH
Crimewave - HEALTH
Just For You - Dave Godowsky
Alcohol - Dave Godowsky

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