30 November 2007

Mr. Red Blues EP

Here's a holiday treat to help you kick off your weekend courtesy VK faves Donny Hue and the Colors. Their Mr. Red Blues EP features eight totally original Christmas tracks which revel in the wintery jangle of the season. Here's the title track for your listening pleasure.

Also be sure to check out the there latest full-length, the utterly spellbinding Folkmote.
Mr. Red Blue - Donny Hue and the Colors


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I love your blog! I tried to add it to bloglines but you don't have a feed!!!!

I just left you a comment on your Jeff Buckley post.

I'll be back to visit

Lizzie said...

Hey Barbara, there is a feed! If you're using bloglines, you should be able to use the search box on your bloglines home page. Choose "search for feeds" from the drop-down and type in "volume-knob." Should come up, because I'm definitely subscribed.