13 November 2007

Through the Wilderness

I shouldn't be this excited for a tribute album and yet I am. Through the Wilderness offers some indie-tastic takes on like every Madonna song ever (well at least all the good ones). It's set for release November 27. Check out the tracklisting:

1. “Oh Father” - Giant Drag
2. “Justify My Love” - Bat for Lashes w/ Moon and Moon
3. “Like a Prayer” - Lavender Diamond
4. “Hung Up” - the Tyde
5. “Like a Virgin” - Ariel Pink
6. “Human Nature” - VietNam
7. “Material Girl” - Mountain Party w/ Devendra Banheart
8. “Who’s That Girl” - The Bubonic Plague
9. “Holiday” - Siddhartha
10. “Borderline” - The Chapin Sisters
11. “Live to Tell” - Winter Flowers
12. “Impressive Instant” - The Pangaeans
13. “Lucky Star” - Alexandra Hope
14. “La Isla Bonita” - Jonathan Wilson
15. “Crazy for You” - Lion of Panjshir
16. “Cherish” - The Prayers
17. “Burning Up” - Women and Children
18. “Beautiful Stranger” - Golden Animals

And here's a preview mp3. Lavender Diamond frontwoman Becky Stark's voice was born for "Like a Prayer". She adds a little touch of girly naivete and it's awesome.

Like A Prayer - Lavender Diamond


Rose said...

Oh, how trash-tastic! There's something very satisfying about a good cover. The mixture of familiarity and newness.

Fanks :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Cool. An album of Madonna covers seems long overdue.