19 November 2007

Ain't too proud to beg

Here's the sitch: I bought two plane tickets from here to New York next week. My original return date was the 29th--until Jess calls me to say the Mountain Goats are doing a show at NYU that night! So I change my flight's return date to the next day so I can go to the show.

Unfortunately, I don't learn until after I do this that the show is predominantly open to NYU students, with an exceedingly limited number available to the public (and not on sale until the day of). Horrifying visions of not being able to get in abound in my nightmares.

THEREFORE, we are offering current/former NYU students (or anyone else who can get us tix) compensation for two tickets (I believe they're $8 each) AND Jess and I would each make you a unique, custom VK-mix CD!

So here is your obligatory begging, pleading, wishing, and hoping:
Muse - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Smiths cover).mp3


Anonymous said...

you should not have issues getting into this show.

call ticket central, find out what time they open (I think its 12pm), and be there then. call ahead to see how tickets are selling if you are truly concerned.

June said...

Considering the time and money invested already, we wanted to take no chances (to say nothing of spending hours in line sitting out in the cold). We were lucky enough to get a freind of a friend of a friend able to secure some for us ahead of time yesterday afternoon. :)