08 November 2007

Grizzly Bear are your FRIEND

I am still reeling from the creeps after hearing Grizzly Bear perform their now infamous cover of The Crystals' "He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)" last night. As good as the cover sounds on their recently released Friend EP, nothing can compare to their live version. A song that attempts to justify domestic violence enacted towards cheating lovers is creepy enough as it is. But Grizzly Bear magnify the song's creepy brilliance tenfold. The eerie intermingling of the harmonies, the prolonged yearning, the crashing psych-rock freakout of the rhythm section -they all render the original impotent.

GB's live performances really illuminate their album material. The muted melodies come alive to electrifying effect. Also Daniel Rossen wore his winter coat (with the hood up!) during the first few songs. Maybe it's just me, but it was an adorable touch, for a band that really can't be considered "adorable" in any other regard.

It's a shame they never got to perform on Conan last Tuesday, like they were scheduled to. They were supposed to play "Knife" along with members of some Brooklyn High School choir. They accompanied them during their set and supplied extra "Oh, Oh, Ohs" making the song even more lush and vibrant. It's not that I don't support the writer's guild, but the strike certainly is taking its toll on bands deserving of a little mainstream exposure. Even if, no, rather, especially if, that exposure creeps out the mainstream.

Compare and contrast "He Hit Me":
He Hit Me - Grizzly Bear (The Crystals cover)
He Hit Me - The Crystals

And one more somewhat obscure GB cover
Owner of a Lonely Heart - Grizzly Bear

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I think they are adorable!