14 November 2007

And I try to be satisfied...

"Disco" and "Romance" are usually two things that make me cringe. Yet somehow when Sally Shapiro combines them, as she does on her debut album, the aptly titled Disco Romance which finally got released stateside last month, well I find myself pleasantly surprised. Geez, is there anything the Swedes can't do? Icy electronica that chills and hypnotizes the heart.

He Keeps Me Alive - Sally Shapiro


Rose said...


I think I found this blog through audiography, ages ago, and just started remembering to check back occasionally. I'm giving this song a go - curious as to where you heard about the artist?

Ta muchly chickadees! Great blog, I'll make sure to check back.

Jess said...

hey rose,

thanks for checking us out. i heard about sally via a friend of mine who sent it my way. i was skeptical at first since i'm generally not partial to the electronica genre, but i found myself really digging and thought i'd share it on the blog!