03 November 2007

Apology Accepted

As you've probably heard by now, The Decemberists have cancelled their "Long and Short of It Tour" due to a member's illness, rendering thousands of people's concert-going weekend plans in disarray, yours truly included. Get better, undisclosed member of The Decemberists!

Two days before this disappointing announcement Wakey! Wakey! somewhat aptly (and precognitively) released a cover version of "Apology Song" as a part of their 10-week series of free downloadable covers. It's pretty damn awesome. Maybe it will hold you over until the next Decemberists tour? In the meantime, try and catch Wakey! in a town near you.
Apology Song - Wakey! Wakey! (Decemberists Cover)
Go Your Own Way - The Decemberists & Death Cab For Cutie (Fleetwood Mac cover)

1 comment:

Pat said...

Except he's probably not playing "a town near you" unless you live in New York or some city in Pennsylvania that doesn't start with a 'P'. That said, people should fly into New York just to see Wakey! Wakey!. Way to big up the man Jess!