26 November 2007

Campaign '08!

This is what happens when you have new graphic design software, not a lot of creativity, and a lot of time on your hands. (If you can think of any other great pairings or campaign slogans, pass 'em on and I'll see what I can do with it.)

This last one is for the greatest mashup of all time:
R. Kelly/Jens Lekman mashup - If I Could Rock (It Would Feel Like This).mp3

I know, it's truly difficult to imagine that Jens himself didn't write lyrics like "the way we fuck gon' lead to childburfin'," and "girl your booty so swole, how you get dem jeans around it," but it's true! You learn something every day.


LMS said...

Sufjan Stevens and Danielson? All future riots will be conducted in dance form. Please refer to Secretary of state Half-Handed Cloud for the joyous state of the union.

June said...

Don't forget My Brightest Diamond as Speaker of the House.